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Depression Gain Confidence and Freedom by fighting depression
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Anxiety enjoy better sleep...
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Relationships build a stronger...
Get control over ADHD
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Work Problems improve energy and an improved the quality of life
Let us help you create
mental wealth
If you are not experiencing good mental emotional health, physical health can often suffer?
The Sydney ADHD Clinic - Consultant PsychologistsCounselling provides us with an opportunity to engage in reflective process of our emotional needs, re-establish direction and balance in our daily lives.

We help adolescents and adults manage mental health issues including ADHD, depression and anxiety.

We work with individuals committed to achieving mental wealth using proven scientific approaches that draw from latest techniques in neuroscience and psychology.

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About Jacqueline Saad
Jacqueline Saad, principal psychologist of the practice, completed her studies at Bond University and the University of Sydney
Location - The Sydney ADHD Clinic